Whether you are in the classic media or in new networks, here you have the opportunity to accredit yourself.

You can also submit interview requests to us, our exhibitors or our VIP guests here. We will be happy to forward them and establish contact if necessary.


Start accreditation
Receive confirmation
Come by
Come to the press desk in the entrance foyer
Pick up press card
Visit trade fair


What would make us happy?

We would be very pleased if our event is not only attended but also announced.

What would make us VERY happy?

After the event, we would be very grateful to be notified about the press report or the publication of the interview to share this. Also it would be great if made pictures are sent to us. We would be happy to link you upon publication.

What am I allowed to do with the press card?

A press pass has the same access rights as a season ticket.

What equipment is allowed?

In principle, video and image recordings are only permitted with the prior permission of the trade fair organizer and, in particular, of those being recorded!

Drones and telescopic poles are strictly prohibited.