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Fair Location:

Fair Frankfurt
Ludwig- Erhard- Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main


Where takes the ShishaMesse place?

Messe Frankfurt – Halle 3,
Ludwig Erhard Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt.

When does the ShishaMesse take place?

26. - 28.04.2024

Is the access allowed to minors?

Admission is not allowed minors under any circumstances.
. This is strictly checked by our staff at the time of admission.

Admission under 18 years of age with written parental permission or accompanied by them?

NO. No exceptions may be made to this rule.

When and where are tickets available?

Get your tickets now!

There will also be plenty of tickets available at the box office, which can be purchased on-site on all days of the show.

How much do the tickets cost?

Presale: (e-ticket)
End user:
Day ticket: 29,00 € (single entry)
Season ticket: 39,00 €

Trade visitors:
Business season ticket: 45,00 €

Daily box office:
End user:
Day ticket: 35,00 € (single entry)
Season ticket: 50,00 €

Trade visitors:
Business season ticket: 50,00 €

Is there a reduced price for groups?


Can I bring my pet?

Animals are not allowed at the ShishaMesse for safety reasons.

Who are the exhibitors?

A list of exhibitors will be posted promptly on the homepage of ShishaMesse meets VaporFair and updated gradually. New exhibitors will also be announced on

Can be purchased at the ShishaMesse goods?

The ShishaMesse does not exclude direct sales to end consumers. This is in any case left to the individual exhibitors. Since at the last ShishaMesse the demand was very high, the organizers expect an increased sale to end consumers.

Will there be giveaways?

This is also up to each individual exhibitor. Likewise, the experience of the last two fairs shows that exhibitors are very generous in giving samples.

What is the difference between a trade visitor ticket and an end user ticket?

The trade visitor ticket primarily entitles the holder to enter the trade fair on the trade visitor day (Friday).
On this day (1st day of the fair) ONLY dealers, catering operators, stores, wholesalers, manufacturers or other tradesmen may enter the fair. So these have the opportunity to do their business with the exhibitors in peace.

In addition, trade visitors will receive a trade visitor badge, which they can hang around their neck with a lanyard.
Indeed, on the other days (Saturday and Sunday), all persons aged 18 and over are allowed to enter the fair. With the ID card, exhibitors can determine who is a trade visitor and who is visiting the fair for private purposes. In addition, visitors with end-user tickets are not allowed to enter the fair once they have left the exhibition grounds. With the trade visitor pass, however, the trade visitor may re-enter the hall after leaving.

We strongly encourage visitors who can accredit as a trade visitor to do so.
For more info on trade visitor registration and accreditation, please visit our ticket website:


Opening hours

Trade visitors:
Friday: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Trade visitors & end users:
Saturday: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.